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Asger Lorentsen: The New World Impulse (bog)

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A study in expected divine revelations of the Age of Aquarius.

The study is partly based on A.A. Bailey and partly on the author’s own experiences and estimations. The subjects are:

Transformation of the world religions

The avatars and The New World Religion

The teachings of the universal religion

The sun Christ and resurrection from within

Feminine spirituality and the immanence of God

The Shamballa Impulse as unveiling of Life

Religious life of the 27th century

Asger Lorentzen has a M.A. degree in history and comparative religion from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.DE in esoteric philosophy from The University of The Seven Rays. He is a well known Danish author on a variety of spiritual topics and a teacher in various spiritual educations in Scandinavia.


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