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Asger Lorentsen: Initiation (bog)

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The primary purpose of this book is to help spiritually interested people into a world of esoteric understandings of the deeper spiritual development of man. For it is in the less accessible spiritual understandings, that the answers can be given to the complicated questions. Which we must ask life, when the simple questions have been answered. At the same time we may find that the appearing complicated answers become simple, when they are experienced from their own perspective.

This book forms part of a project in connection with a Ph.DE study under The Seven Rays University. Which is especially influenced by the esoteric understandings of Alice A. Bailey. Therefore I have particularly chosen this literature as a basis. And integrate and add other perspectives and understandings to this basis. At the same time the intension of the book is to balance the intellectualism that often arises in connection with studies of Alice A. Bailey by emphasizing the development of love and inner life.
If the reader finds some expressions of the language a little unusual, it is due to the fact, that the English language is not my natural language. Nor the most used language of my friend, Gurli Ohm Hernø, whose translation I greatly appreciate. Much appreciation also is given to Michael Robbins for his inspiring teaching on the A.A.Bailey-material.

January 2002, Asger Lorentsen

About the author

Asger Lorentsen has a B.A. in religion and history from the University of Copenhagen and a Ph.DE from the Seven Rays University. He has a widespread practice as a reincarnation therapist, as a teacher in various institutions, as a leader of the educational center The Golden Circle in Denmark and is a well known author and networker in Scandinavia.


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