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Sacred Voice Ceremony

31/07/2020 kl. 10:00-12:30

PART I – VOICE YOGA (preparation for part II)

A yoga class facilitating voice release through Nada Yoga and Vocal soundtherapy. The program consists of asanas (yoga postures), pranayamas (breathing exercises) and vocal exercises from different Nada Yoga, voice therapy and toning traditions.

Positive sideeffects :
– Finding your own true voice
– Getting a powerful speaking voice
– Becoming better at singing
– Physical grounding
– Deep relaxation
– Activation of the parasympathetic nervoussystem
– Stimulation of the vagus nerve and restoration on the cellular level
– Increasing oxygene levels in cells
– Digital detox
– Different music scales and their relation to the body

The class will be in english and danish as needed. Bring loose clothes and a waterbottle.


Ritual of Surrendering
Bring a personal intention of something you wish to embrace or heal. The intention is our focused belief and action of faith. The surrendering is our trust in fate (letting go of the outcome).

This is a meditative sound circle of vocal toning with the focused awareness on resonance in the body and the practice of ”letting go” of the mind and the need to know. By letting go of atachment to all beliefs, knowledge, thoughts and feelings (about anything), we move our awareness to the bodily experience of being present and prepare ourselves for the surrendering to the unknown.

The good news is that our soundvibration is our trusted friend, that makes it easier and makes us feel safe in the proces. Our sound vibrations resonate equally in the the world of duality and the realm of non-duality. With practice it is potentially a direct doorway to the experience of non-duality or oneness. When we are connected with the source, healing might happen (in different forms and on different levels of existence).

Sound is potentially vibrational medicine and your own voice a tool for selfhealing. I welcome you to come and explore the beauty of surrendering to the mystery of the unknown, through the sounds of our voices in this sound ceremony at the Flower of Life Festival.


About Runi:
Vocal soundtherapist from the international education in vocal sound therapy with Githa Ben David, ”the Note from Heaven” (Vokal lydterapeut)

Group facilitator and consultant in creativity and music from the University of Aarhus
(Voksenvejleder og pædagogisk konsulent med musik/krativitet som speciale).

Musician and musicteacher for 22 years. I play silverflute, piano, guitar, bass, percussion, electronics, voice/body percussion and sing.

I have been practicing and studying nada yoga (sound yoga), pranayamas and selfhealing with sound for 26 years. With intensive periods living in different ashrams for several years and studying with different teachers.
I am very grateful for the insights and guidence gained from many different teachers in sound and yoga. Among others: Githa Ben David, Ananda Murti, Emmanuel Abdul Rahim, Lone Frederiksen, Mads johansen, Kerstin Thiele, Lotte Toftemark, Helge Drenck, Tahir Shaherjee, Sita, Roop Verma.

I offer workshops in selfhealing with sound, voice yoga classes and private sessions in voice therapy, vocal soundhealing and musical coaching (personalized help on your musical path. Instrument practice, Songwriting, producing etc.)


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