Teachings & Healing
from the Cradle of Civilization

v/Paul Skorpen


Fredag den 30. oktober kl. 18.30-

søndag den 1. november kl. 16.00

         Ancient Healing Techniques and Wisdom Teachings

         From, Anatolia, the Land of the Great Mother

Paul Skorpen, a founder of the Theosis Institute, will be returning to Denmark this autumn bringing advance teachings he has collected on repeated voyages into ancient cultures.
Anatolia has celebrated the Divine feminine in time immemorial. Throughout this landscape are forgotten teaching of integration, peace and harmony. This wisdom in being recovered now to help us into a new age.
Only in recent decades has the oldest temple in the world been unearthed. Göbekli Tepe is an astonishing 12,800 years old. The immaculate and mysterious temple, built in a time long forgotten, radiates peace, connection and divinity. There we begin our weekend journey. The landscape that we will transverse will gradually lead us into the rich Greco-Roman divinities: always a perfect balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine. We end in Ephesus, the home to the Apostle John, Mother Maria and Maria Magdalena.
Through guided meditations, exercises and hands on-healing we will reawaken ancient wisdom, leading to states of lasting integration and harmony.
All Paul’s old student (over nearly 20 years of teaching in Denmark!) and new students are most welcomed.

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